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DRF Provides Iftar to Orphans in Karbala

The Development and Relief Foundation (DRF) in Karbala has provided iftar for 700 members of orphan families and refugees in the city. “Iftar for Orphans” is a weekly program that distributes food to needy families. Recipients are also provided with needed kitchen items such as refrigerators, coolers, and stoves. In addition, clothes are given out…


The Nights of Qadr at the IECOC

The Nights of Qadr will coincide this week with the nights of Wednesday the 19th, Friday the 21st, and Sunday the 23rd. The first two Nights of Qadr will feature our usual program format, and their topics will be the fatal wounding of Imam Ali (as) on Wednesday and the commemoration of his martyrdom on…


Junior Camp Registration Still Open!

Get ready for the IECOC’s 4th annual junior camp! This year’s junior camp, entitled “Befriend the Qur’an”, will be held from August 1st to the 3rd at Irvine Region Park. Junior camp is a special program for youths aged 10 through 14, featuring educational and spiritual activities as well as lots of fun: games, outdoor…