Help Us Support Pilgrims to Karbala

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Every year, millions on pilgrims converge on the city of Karbala for the annual Arba’een procession, which marks the passing of 40 days after the event of Ashura, in which Imam Husayn (as), his family members, and his companions gave their lives fighting for the restoration of the religion of Islam. To honor their memory, pilgrims from all over the world, representing various ethnicities and faith backgrounds, walk from far distances- for some, hundreds of miles- towards the shrine of Imam Husayn (as) in Karbala. During the journey, pilgrims stop at points for food, medicine, and rest.

Every year, the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County contributes to providing makeshift camps to host the pilgrims. We will be accepting donations which will go towards funding for food, shelter, and medicine for the pilgrims. For those who would like to support this noble cause, checks may be made payable to the IECOC, with a memo for ‘The Arbaeen Procession.’ Alternatively, credit card payments may be processed over the phone by calling the IECOC at (714)432-0060.