Arbaeen Lectures by Dr. Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini

Recorded at the IECOC


1 The Formation and Restoration Eras of Islam Audio Video
2 The Ontological and Legal Decree of God in Regard to Imam Hussain’s (as) Revolution Audio Video
3 The Meaning of the Arbaeen Audio Video



نوعان من الانتصار في الحياة
“The Two Types of Victory in Life”
Audio Video


English Lectures by Dr. Hasnain Walji

Recorded at the IECOC

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1 Reform Audio Video PDF
2 Intentional Living Audio Video PDF
3 Critical Thinking Audio Video PDF
4 Time is the Capital of Life Audio Video PDF
5 Self-Worth Audio Video PDF
6 Emotional Intelligence Audio Video PDF
7 Living a Purposeful Life Audio Video PDF
8 Nurturing the Next Generation Audio Video PDF
9 A Life Well-Lived Audio Video PDF
10 Ashura Night Audio Video PDF


Farsi Lectures by Drs. Fred Sahafi and Mehdi Taghiei

Recorded at the IECOC

1 Audio Video
2 Audio Video
3 Audio Video
4 Audio Video
5 Audio Video
6 Audio Video
7 Audio Video
8 Audio Video
9 Audio Video
10 Audio Video


English Lectures by Imam Dr. Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini

Recorded at Imam Ali Islamic Center in Toronto, Canada

1 The Significance of Muharram Video
2 Sustain your two relation ships; the Vertical and the Horizontal Video
3 Don’t be obsessed with this life. Video
4 No matter what you did.God forgives you. Video
5 What do you experience at death? Video
6 Humans are made of three components Video
7 The spiritual nuturance Video
8 Don’t follow blindly! Video
9 Why it’s necessary for the Prophet to appoint a successor Video
10 The lessons of Ashura Video


Arabic Lectures by Imam Dr. Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini

سماحة الإمام الدكتور ال​سيد مصطفى القزويني

Recorded at Imam Ali Islamic Center in Toronto, Canada

مركز ​​​الإ​​مام علي (ع) – تورنتو – كندا

1 ماذا تعني عاشوراء بالنسبة للمسلمين؟ Video
2 مسؤولية الكلمة وآداب الكلام Video
3 كيف يتقدم الاسلام في بلاد الغرب؟ Video
4 حقوق المرأة في البيت والمجتمع؟ Video
5 الاعداد للزواج Video
6 كيف يعيش شباب المسلمين في الغرب Video
7 محطات في تربية الشباب Video
8 مبادئ الحياة الزوجية Video
9 تطبيقات الامامة في القران الكريم Video
10 ثقافة عاشوراء Video