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Weekend Islamic Schools Underway!

The IECOC is pleased to announce that the weekend Islamic schools for children have begun this month and are now underway. Held every Saturday and Sunday, the weekend schools help to prepare the future generations, offering enriching education on a wide array of topics including language, the Qur’an, Islamic ethics, and more. We wish all…

Eid Al-Ghadeer at the IECOC

Get ready to celebrate Eid Al-Ghadeer with the IECOC! This weekend, on Saturday, September 24th, a special program will be held starting at 7:15 PM with maghrib prayer. All are welcome and invited to attend this joyous event.

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Muharram Program

The IECOC will begin its annual Muharram program on Sunday, October 2nd. The program will be held nightly for the first ten nights of Muharram, and will include special guests, the honorable Dr. Hassanain Walji (English) and the honorable Dr. Mehdi Taghiei (Farsi). During the sacred month of Muharram, we remember the legacy of grandson…