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Upcoming Celebration of the Birth of Lady Fatima Al-Zahra (as)

Mark your calendars for the celebration of the birth of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (as), the honorable daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), on Saturday March 18th at 7 PM. The program will include presentations by guest speakers, Sister Hannah Chandoo and Sister Alison Gokal, as well as other presentations by community members.

University Students Discuss Nonviolence at the IECOC

On Thursday, February 23rd, a group of students from Chapman University visited the IECOC with their professor, Dr. Reverend Rafael Luévano, to discuss Islamic stances on nonviolence with Dr. Qazwini. We look forward to hosting them again in the spirit of education and understanding.

New Prayer Times Due to Daylight Savings

Due to the upcoming daylight savings time change, Friday Prayers will begin at 1 PM, starting on March 17th onwards. For the Thursday night programs, prayer will begin 15 minutes after sunset. Prayers will be preceded with Dua Kumayl by 30 minutes.