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New Prayer Times Due to Daylight Savings

Due to the upcoming daylight savings time change, Friday Prayers will begin at 1 PM, starting on March 17th onwards. For the Thursday night programs, prayer will begin 15 minutes after sunset. Prayers will be preceded with Dua Kumayl by 30 minutes.

Religious Leaders Council Expresses Support for Immigrant Communities

On Wednesday, February 8th, the Religious Leaders Council of Orange County convened at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tustin to explore what their communities can do to resolve the anticipated prejudice in light of the recent political and social issues which have unfolded in our nation. The council expressed their solidarity and support for immigrant…

IECOC Appreciate and Welcomes Support from the Community

In light of the recent events taking place across the nation, the IECOC has also been receiving much support from our neighbors in the Orange County community in the form of telephone calls and post cards, many which express happiness that Muslims have become an integral part of the community. We appreciate, welcome, and cherish…