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Celebration of the Birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf)

Mark your calendars for the great celebration of the birth of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf) at IECOC on Saturday, January 10, 2015. This year’s celebration will include poetry, a children’s presentation, and a speacial keynote address by the respected Hajj Hassanain Rajabali. We encouraged everyone to attend and to invite their family members and…

The Crescent Moon of the Month of Rab’ul-Awwal 1436

The Shia Muslim Council of Southern California would like to announce that Tuesday December 23, 2014 will be the first day of the month of Rabi ul Awwal 1436 for the entire region of North America. This determination was made based on reports of verified sightings of the crescent moon at sunset on Monday December…

IECOC End of Safar Farsi Classes and Lectures by Professor Garmaroudi

IECOC is honored to have with us the honorable scholar and professor Dr. Asadi Garmaroudi, who will continue his nightly Farsi classes and lectures at the IECOC until Monday, December 22, 2014. Dr. Garmaroudi’s highly informative classes and lectures encompass an array of important theological, philosophical, and social discussions. In addition to these sessions, Dr….