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IECOC Ramadan Statement

The IECOC announces that based on numerous local community sightings confirming the first day of Sha’ban on Friday, May 30th, and no reliable sightings for the month of Ramadan on Friday evening, Saturday June 28th is the last day of Sha’ban and SUNDAY JUNE 29TH IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN….

IECOC Summer Youth Camp a Success!

From Friday, June 20th to Sunday, June 22nd, the IECOC held its fifteenth annual summer youth camp in the beautiful mountains of San Bernardino. Many youths from our community attended this spiritually and educationally enriching event, enjoying fellowship and the great outdoors. The theme for this year’s camp was “From the Darkness to the Light,”…

Ramadan Program Starting Soon

The holy month of Ramadan is coming up soon, with the first of Ramadan likely to be on Sunday. Therefore, the IECOC will begin its nightly, month-long program on Sunday, June 29th. This program will begin every night with a Qur’an circle before maghrib (evening), at which time prayers will be offered, and iftar (dinner)…