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Ramadan Program Continues at the IECOC

The IECOC began its nightly, month-long Ramadan program on Sunday, June 29th. Every program begins with a Qur’an recitation circled followed by a reading of Dua al-Iftitah​ before maghrib (evening), at which time prayers will be offered and iftār (dinner) will be served. After iftār, there will be a lecture by Sayed Mahdi Al-Qazwini. This…

Junior Camp Early Registration Discount Ending Soon

Get ready for the IECOC’s 4th annual junior camp! This year’s junior camp, entitled “Befriend the Qur’an”, will be held from August 1st to the 3rd at Irvine Region Park. Junior camp is a special program for youths aged 10 through 14, featuring educational and spiritual activities as well as lots of fun: games, outdoor…

IECOC Ramadan Statement

The IECOC announces that based on numerous local community sightings confirming the first day of Sha’ban on Friday, May 30th, and no reliable sightings for the month of Ramadan on Friday evening, Saturday June 28th is the last day of Sha’ban and SUNDAY JUNE 29TH IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN….