Visiting IECOC

IECOC welcomes all visitors to attend our services and events.

Schools and students can request a personal tour and session on Islam. Please call 714-432-0060 or email

Some helpful guidelines when you visit.

What should I wear?

A dress code of modesty is applied to all who visit IECOC. For ladies who wish to enter the mosque, it is required to cover her hair and to wear a long sleeve shirt and pant or full-length skirt.

For men, it is most appropriate to wear long pants.

When to remove shoes

Shoes are removed and placed on the racks provided before entering the prayer area. The prayer area is considered a place of purity.

Greeting others

Visitors may be greeted by the Arabic greeting, “Assalamo Allaikum” which means “peace be upon you.” The answer, if the visitor would like to use is, “Wa ‘alaikum-as-salam”, which means “peace be upon you too”.

Do not offer, or expect, to shake hands with people of the opposite gender.


When the Muslim prayer is in progress, non-Muslim visitors are welcomed to observe. For men, if arriving at such a time, find a place near the end row of the men and sit quietly to the side. Please do not sit or stand behind the women that are observing the prayer.


Traditionally, worshippers sit on the floor of the prayer area when sermons and lectures are conducted. Men sit towards the front while women sit behind. At our mosque men and women are not divided by a partition. Chairs are provided for the elderly and others who are unable to sit on the floor.