It is narrated that the Prophet (pbuh&hf) fell asleep on the lap of Imam Ali (as) just before duhor/noon time till nearly maghrib/sunset.

Imam Ali said his duhor and asar/afternoon salaat/prayer sitting down. Near the time of maghrib, the Prophet woke up and pointed his finger at the setting sun, which came up and the Prophet prayed his duhor and asar salaat.



The previous Qibla was Bait-ul-Muqaddas. The Jews used to taunt the Holy Prophet because the Muslims first turned towards Jerusalem for their prayers. One day when the Prophet of Allah was leading the salaat duhor, a revelation came to him after the second rakaat/prostration to change his direction of salaat, from Bait-ul-Muqaddas to the Ka?aba.



This was the first masjid that the Prophet of Allah built on his arrival from Makkah. It is narrated that the Prophet of Allah was heard saying that if you say two rakaats salaat in this masjid you will get the thawab/reward of one Umra/small pilgrimage.



This was the place where the battlefield of Khandaq was fought and these masjids were erected thereafter. There are 5 masjid near eacho ther. The name Khandaq was given because Salman Farsi dug a very big trench during this battle so that the army of the non-believers could not jump over the trench. This was the battle strategy used in Iran where Salaman Farsi?s native country.



This masjid is situated on the hilltop. It is narrated that the Prophet of Islam stayed (in this tent) for three days in his tent and prayed for the success of the Muslims.



This masjid is just at the bottom of Masjid Fatah. It is said that at this masjid the tent of Salaman Farsi was erected.



This masjid is on the hill opposite to Masjid Fatah.



This masjid is at the bottom of Masjid Ali that was used by Fatimah Zahra. Unfortunately this Masjid is closed since 1997.



The lion of Allah, Hamza the uncle of the Prophet of Islam is buried with many martyrs of Uhud here. The Prophet was heard saying that whoever does his ziyarat and does not do the ziyarat of his uncle Hamza has been unfaithful to the Prophet. This is the place where the second Islamic war took place. At the beginning of this war the Muslims were winning, but a group of archers who were stationed at the entrance of the mountain to block the army of unbelievers, left their position to go and loot the belongings of the running away soldiers of the unbelievers, in spite of strict instructions not to leave their position, thus the battle was almost lost. It is also narrated during this battle Jibra?el brought the sword ?Zulfiqar? from heaven because Imam Ali had broken many swords.