Youth Camp 2013 Concludes Successfully

Categories: News and Announcements

From Friday, June 28th, to Monday, July 1st, the Islamic Educational Center held its 14th annual IECOC Summer Youth Camp. This year the camp was located at Camp Whispering Winds in the city of Julian, California, near San Diego.

Nearly 120 Muslim youths spent four days and three nights secluded in the beautiful and scenic campgrounds in the mountains for a weekend of spiritual growth, intellectual discussions, and sports activities. Youths spent their days and nights together gathered in prayer, sharing meals, and living their Islamic faith as a community, led by the guidance of Imam Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini.

Throughout the camp, the youth constantly enjoyed a wealth of enriching activities, including lectures, workshops, a panel discussion, informal group discussions covering a range of topics, sports, games, swimming, horseback riding, prayer, dua, youth-created skits, and campfire gatherings. Speakers included Imam Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini, Sayed Mahdi Al-Qazwini, Brother Ali Al-Najar, Sister Munira Leković-Ezzeldine, Brother Robert Turfe, Sister Fatima Hashemi, and Brother Mark Kabban from the non-profit organization, Youth and Leaders Living Actively (YALLA). Each and every speaker illuminated the camp with their own experience and expertise, covering a range of topics from various perspectives. One brother, who had embraced Islam only a year and a half ago, had the opportunity to share with the other campers his thoughts and experiences.

Without a doubt, this year’s camp stands among one of the most successful and enjoyable camps held by the IECOC, and we are very proud of the participation and involvement of the youth, from the many volunteers to the high turnout of campers. The Islamic Educational Center congratulates all those who had the opportunity to participate in camp this year, and also gives special thanks to everyone that helped to make camp possible, including (but not limited to) the organizers, the volunteers, those who offered their financial support, and our dear speakers. We eagerly look forward to seeing everyone again next summer!